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    Since 1904


    VULCAN S.A. , Bucharest – Romania – Europe, was founded in 1904 as a branch of the Austrian company “Maschinen und Waggonbau Fabriks Aktiengesellschaft in Simmering” property of Brno works “Brunn-Konigsfelder Maschinenfabrik”.

    The initial profile of manufacturing works was containing complete installations for refineries of oil, gasoline and paraffin, steam locomotives, tank-wagons, installations for steam cutters, boilers.
    Vulcan history start in 1904
    In 1906, after only 2 years from company establishment, VULCAN was awarded the Diploma of Honor and the Gold Medal at the International Fair organized in Bucharest.

    In 1908, VULCAN is no longer a branch of a.m. Austrian company and becomes an independent joint-stock company based on both Romanian and foreign capital under the name of “VULCAN-Machinery Factory “.

    During 1910 – 1916 the company turn-over doubles and the net profit triples.

    Immediately after the first world war the manufacturing capacity expands and the facilities are renewed.

    In 1911, the company started making the first exports in Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey and also started the manufacturing of thermo-mechanical equipment.

    In 1912, the company had 400 workers, meaning 10 % of the personnel employed and about 14 % of the total capital invested in the metal working industry of Romania at that time.

    During 1920 – 1930, VULCAN company was quite powerful by an economical point of view, being one of the most important metal-working factories of Romania at that time. VULCAN had produced 841 tones in 1927, 936 tones in 1928, 836 tones in 1929, 1100 tones in 1930, while the manufacturing capacity was getting to 1660 tones per year.

    After the economic crisis of 1929 – 1933 which affected VULCAN company too, our company started to come-over and develop, thus having a very good period especially after 1939.

    After 1939, due to its production widening and development and to its modern equipment and advanced technology, VULCAN came to cover 80 % of the high-pressure equipment manufactured in Romania (more than 3500 tones of steam boilers, oil field equipment, traveling cranes, tower cranes, castings,elevators, bus steel structure, air conditioning installations, a.s.o.).

    After the second world war, VULCAN is quickly recovering and the production starts to increase, reaching 1243 tones in 1946 and 2925 tones in 1948.

    In 1954 the production started diversifying and new types of products had been manufactured:

    1954 – chemical and metallurgical equipment.

    1956 – pumping units for oil extraction.

    1959 – industrial steam boilers of 50 tones/hour.

    1962 / 1963 – hot water boilers of 3 up to 100 Gcal/hour.

    1966 / 1967 – power plant steam boilers of 120 tones/hour and 420 tones/hour.

    During 1967 – 1988 VULCAN company had its best period with the largest development of the production capacities and facilites. The main events of this period were:

    Starting with 1970 VULCAN started the production in a new platform Berceni, located in the south of Bucharest. In this location started to be manufactured steam boilers of 525-1,100 tones/hour according to both VULCAN own design projects and under “Deutsche-Babcock” license.

    Since 1978 VULCAN has been authorized to produce pumping units for oil extraction under API monogram spec. 11E (being certified by American Petroleum Institute both for Spec. Q1 and Spec. 11E).
    Vulcan History since 1904

    In this period 1967 – 1988 the Membrane Walls Workshop was extended and the Rotary Equipment Workshop was set-up.

    In 1984 the Nuclear Components Workshop was established.

    In 1990 the status of VULCAN had changed from enterprise to joint-stock company under the title of S.C. VULCAN S.A. according to Law no. 31/1990 and by Government Bill 1176/02.11.1990.
    S.C. VULCAN S.A. had been registered to the Register of Commerce under no. J40/1655/1991 and with Taxation Code no. 401290 (the fiscal attribute RO was added as VAT symbol). Now the taxation code is called Unique Registration Code – RO 401290.
    Within 1991 – 2002 VULCAN SA had developed its technologies according to the latest technical knowledge, as follows:
    VULCAN SA is the only Romanian manufacturer for boilers with fuel as fluid layer (made according to customer documentation), these boilers being usually exported.
    Starting with 1998 VULCAN SA is applying the welding technology for special steels SA335 P91 and X10CrMoVNb’.
    The welding procedure for SA335 P91 is done according to ASME.
    The welding procedure for X10CrMoVNb’ is done according to TRD201 and EN288-3.
    Since December 2002 S.C. Vulcan S.A. is a private owned company, the main shareholder (83.7% of the shares) is a powerful Romanian private group Tender Group by its power plants division GET (“Grup Energetic Tender” meaning Tender Energy Group). The rest of the shares are owned by private persons (6.6%) and by the investment fund SIF MUNTENIA (9.7%).

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